We no longer stock satsoft software but have replaced these with  full marks software - these are exactly the sames titles but run under the XP operating system, Satsoft only ran under 95/98 and we where getting a large number of returns

Cybersoftware educational software
SATsoft software

This revolutionary new range of software is designed to pinpoint and improve weak areas.

Each title covers twelve topic areas of varying complexity, with detailed notes presented in an imaginative and interesting way.

Each one offers four different games with ray-traced graphics, multiple music tracks and digital sound effects.

To motivate the student regardless of ability, the games are initially easy and become increasingly challenging. The results are then analysed by the computer and an itemised report illustrates strengths and weaknesses.

Assessment through Games
Based on the principal "learning through play", the games have been specially developed to motivate children and encourage them to improve their understanding of the subject matter in order to improve their performance in the games.
The computer analyses the child's performance and prepares a detailed progress report which can be displayed and printed out at any stage.

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Satsoft keystage 1

Satsoft keystage 2

Satsoft GCSE

cybersofware educational software