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The Passmaster (formerly times) Education Series is suitable for any student who is serious about studying and who wants to achieve the best grade possible. The program's clear, patient and structured delivery will aid understanding and assist the student in developing a confident approach.

Contents of Passmaster GCSE chemistry cd
Classifying chemistry materials, Changing materials and Patterns of behaviour.Laboratory Techniques & Safety | States of Matter | Elements, Components & Mixtures | Atomic Structure | Ionic, Covalent & Metallic Bonding | Properties & Structures of Solids | Alloys | Allotropes | Gas Laws | Useful Products from Oil (Hydrocarbons, Combustion, Cracking & Polymerisation) | Useful Products from the Earth's Crust (Metal Ores, Limestone, Chalk & Marble) Useful Products from Air (Ammonia & Fertilisers) | Representing Reaction & Types of Reactions | Quantitative Chemistry (The Mole, Molar Volume & Concentration) | Changes to the Atmosphere (Water, Carbon & Nitrogen Cycles) | Geological Changes (Tectonics & Rock Types) | Organic Chemistry (Alkanes, Alkenes, Alcohols & Carboxylic Acids) | Industrial Processes & Hardness of Water| Periodic Table | Reactivity Series | Acids & Alkali | Rates of Reaction | Reactions with Enzymes | Energy Transfers in Reactions | Reversible Reactions | Titrations | Electrolysis |