Reader Rabbit KS1 - 5 Pack 
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Reader Rabbit KS1 - 5 Pack

 The Reader Rabbit programs are designed to cover and support the core subjects your child will learn at school. Skill levels can be adjusted manually and the Parent’s Report keeps track of your child’s progress.

Reader Rabbit Year 1 – Capers on Cloud Nine!™ The weather has taken a wacky turn – it’s raining raingear! Soar up to Cloud Nine with Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion in their fabulous Dreamship to help them fix this crazy problem! Play activities in spelling, maths, art, vocabulary and science!

Reader Rabbit – Year 2 – Mis-cheese-ious Dreamship Adventures™ Help Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion rescue the fabulous Dreamship from a gooey mountain of cheese! Our heroes must find their ship before the sneaky Pirates get there first. Play activities in language arts, science, maths and more!

Reader Rabbit Maths – Master your Year 2 Maths Skills The best way to master Year 2 Maths Skills. Help Sam and Lion and Reader Rabbit rebuild their boat on the mysterious Pirate Island. Along the way, you’ll have all kind of fun with numbers as you practise your skills and develop maths confidence.

Reader Rabbit Reading – master your Year 2 Reading Skills Help Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion on their quest to find imagination! Travel to many strange Reading Lands, where anything can happen. You’ll learn that reading, understanding and writing are the keys to a whole new world inside your own mind!

Reader Rabbit Thinking – Master Junior Thinking Skills Help Reader Rabbit and friends throw a birthday party for Sam the Lion. There are so many fun things to do, from making cookies to practising party games, but don’t let Sam find out – it’s a surprise party! This adventure provides a solid foundation for successful learning.

 £ 15.99 Ages 5-7 

Covers and supports core subjects 
Adjustable skill levels 
Parents Report keeps track of changes 
Contains 5 CD-ROMS

System requirements:

Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP
Pentium 166Mhz processor or above
100 MB Hard Disk Space
16 bit sound card
8 speed CD-ROM drive

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