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PrintMaster Silver 12
PrintMaster Suite 11 UK Version
Introduce yourself to the power of PrintMaster!
PrintMaster Silver 12 is a great way to discover the excitement of designing your own unique creative projects.

Easy-to-use! - PrintMaster Silver 12 had a friendly look and feel that makes it quick and easy to find what your looking for. 
Powerful Photo-Workshop! - There’s no such thing as a bad picture with PrintMaster Silver 12’s photo-editing tools and effects. 
Thousands of Images and Templates!
Explore your creativity with a colourful library of over 7,200 high-quality images and over 6,400 project templates: 

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Softkey Mosbys Medical Encyclopedia (XP version)
Softkey Mosbys Medical Encyclopedia
Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia on CD-ROM has made it even easier to look up your health problems, containing just about all there is to know in the field of contemporary medical expertise. Mosby's is one of the biggest names in American Medical Reference. For 75 years flu victims in Fresno, syphilitics in Seattle, plague carriers in Peoria and hypochondriacs in Hackensack have been checking its authoritative pages for the right terms, drugs and treatments to go with their condition. The format is admirably clear. A column on the left of the screen indicates the various available sources on-disc. You can click on each to access the subsection you want. Most useful is maybe the encyclopedia, which gives plain, lucid, informative definitions of some 20,000 medically related terms. Below the encyclopedia is a very handy drug guide, affording the scientific background and uses of multifarious pills, medicines and remedies, from Ibuprofen to Intaferon, Temazepam to Tixylix . Equally interesting is the "human atlas", which diagrammatically maps nervous, lymphatic, musculatory and digestive systems, among others; the on-disc Internet guide, which links you to pertinent Web sites and apposite net-addresses, is pretty cool too. In fact there's so much information here it might prove slightly overwhelming for the layman, and in some ways the CD-ROM is aimed as much at professional users as the needy family or inquisitive individual. But for those willing to swallow the odd technical term it's still pretty hard to think of a better single-disc medical dictionary on the CD ROM market. --Sean Thomas Product Description Packed with essential information for today's health-conscious user, Mosby's Medical Encyclopaedia combines nearly 20,000 medical definitions with thousands of charts, illustrations, audio pronunciations, and full-motion videos. Using clear, easy-to-understand language, Mosby's Medical Encyclopaedia provides valuable information on a wide range of health-care topics, including leading health problems and treatments, pregnancy, paediatrics, and prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Explore the latest medical procedures, and check the pronunciation of more than 4,000 medical terms. A full-colour atlas of human anatomy provides an overview of all major body systems. Windows 95/98, ME, XP 
£8 inclusive

Softkey changing rooms
softkey changing rooms
Softkey - Changing rooms - Interior Designer CD ROM Carol Smillie, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Linda Barker and Handy Andy Kane provide inspiration, ideas and advice for your home. Select one of these room types - bedroom, dining or living room - then choose a layout on which to base yuor designs. Features A selection of styles and furnishings, Advice on design themes, Photo-realistic views, colour palette and furnishings selector 
£6 inclusive

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